What is UMS Education?

UMS Education is an automatic identity management system, which we developed for the educational sector. UMS automatically gathers and updates data from systems such as Cases21, Maze and First Class Human Edge etc. and removes hour-long administrative tasks.

The UMS system generates a database, which synchronises information with the other databases. This way, only one user name will be generated for each user and it will be synchronised with all systems.

UMS is modular and can be constructed based on wishes and requirements from teachers, IT staff and users, making sure you get a simple and effective solution, which contains everything you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Depending on which modules you buy, UMS Education automate many manual processes and thereby free up time for the IT department. Additionally, UMS’ self-service modules and app make life easier for students and teachers.

More than 500 schools already use UMS, including secondary schools, colleges, business schools, language centres and more.

For more information about UMS Education, including prices, please read our brochure in the box to the right.

UMS Education modules:


Makes the school’s most frequently used IT-systems and services easily accessible via web and app

Power Save

Reduces electricity expenses and CO2 emissions by turning off the school’s computers, when they are no longer in use

Web Timetable

Shows timetables for users, rooms and groups. It also gives you access to a range of different UMS functions


SLI The Single Login Identification (SLI) module is developed for school, which want to

SMS Alert

Quickly and effectively warns the school’s staff and students in case of an emergency

SMS Password

Makes it possible for students and staff to reset their passwords via SMS

SMS Send

Makes it possible to use of a range of other SMS modules

SMS Timetable

Send an SMS with the word ‘timetable’ and get today’s timetable via SMS

SMS Welcome

Automatically sends a welcome message to new students via SMS

SMS Web Service

Enables 3rd party services, e.g. library systems, to send out SMS messages through the UMS SMS gateway

UMS School App

UMS School App With a customised UMS School App, you will connect with the