Merge Letters

On this page, you can find examples of -, and code for, various types of merge letters. Please remember to replace static text in the examples with the school’s own text. This includes, among other, domain name in the welcome letter, links for logos etc.

Examples of merge letters:

There are several ‘variables’ you can use when drawing up merge letters. Some of these variables are a bit different to use, which is why we have commented on them below in the section below.

When drawing up lists with images, you need to be aware that it is the path to the image – not the image itself -, which is inserted. Because of this, you can adapt the image size manually in the configurator, e.g. by using this code: “<img src=”picture” alt=”” height=”60″ />”. We recommend that you use either height or width – not both – as this will ensure that the aspect ratio of the image remains unchanged.

Labels Rows
Under Labels you can enter how many ‘cards’ you want to appear on each page. You do this by entering the number of rows in the configurator, e.g. “<Labels Rows=4 Columns=2>”. For an example, please click here to see the txt-file for labels.

List Rows
The procedure is similar for lists, where you can choose how many users you want to appear on each page. You enter the number of list rows in the configurator, e.g. “<List Rows=20>”. For an example, please click here to see the txt-file for simple lists.

This variable makes it possible to make lists with numerical identification of the rows.

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