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Exam Handling

With Exam Handling, all permissions to the exam are controlled automatically, making sure students only have access to the drives and/or internet that relevant to them during the exam.

For instance, it is possible to give students access to a designated exam folder, to which the teacher has uploaded relevant materials. This makes preparations and the exam itself run smoothly.

Through the module, the school’s administrative staff and teachers and handle a long list of tasks related to the exam, without having to involve the IT-department.

The only thing the IT-department has to configure are the groups of people who can access the Exam Handling module.

Create, edit or transfer exams online

Through the user-friendly interface, the users can handle exams from start to finish.

When you open Exam Handling, you see a simple menu, which allows you to edit a planned exam, even after it has begun – as well as to create or transfer an exam.

Benefits of Exam Handling

Exam Handling quickly pays for itself:

  • Access to a designated exam folder containing files to be used during the exam
  • Access to home drives/ shared drives if required
  • Access to a designated printer
  • Block the internet during the exam, either entirely or partly.
  • Students use the same login as they always use
  • Reduces the number of administrative tasks and thereby saves the school time and resources
  • Exams are put in system, which gives staff an easy overview
  • Students have to accept the school’s IT policy in order to start their exam
  • Exams are easily removed once they are completed, to avoid clutter in the system
  • Avoid stress before the exam, preparations can be made in due time.

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