Project Description

SMS Web Service

SMS Web Service allows third-party services – or services you have developed yourself – to send out SMS messages via the UMS SMS Gateway. This way e.g. your library system or your cafeterias payment system can send out messages to the school’s users.

All messages are sent from the same number that is used to send out timetable info, news, grades etc.

Benefits of SMS Web Service

There are several good reasons to use SMS Web Service:

  • As the service uses UMS’ SMS gateway, there is no price pr. SMS. This prevents you from receiving unexpected bills.
  • Messages from external services are sent from the school’s phone number, which the students already have. This makes your communication more coherent and streamlined.
  • SMS Web Service is an integrated part of UMS. This means that there is nothing extra to maintain, that it is easy to troubleshoot and that there is a log.

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