Project Description

G Suite Timetable Blocks

G Suite Timetable Blocks is developed for schools that wants to reduce the number of manual tasks connected to using G Suite.

The module automatically creates and maintain the users’ activities in Google Calendar, making sure the timetables are always up-to-date and that you avoid typing errors.

The data can be synchronized to a smartphone, so the user always has an updated calendar within reach.

Integrations with G Suite Timetable Blocks quickly pays for itself

With UMS, the school saves resources by automating many manual processes:

  • Eliminates the need for several systems and work processes for the same tasks
  • The set-up is done automatically, based on data from the student administration system
  • Integration runs via web service
  • As everything is done automatically, the workload for the IT- department is reduced
  • If a teacher has registered homework for a subject, it is visible in the calendar

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