Project Description

Moodle integration

Our Moodle integration is developed for schools, which want to avoid hour-long administrative tasks. The integration automatically creates, maintains and deletes users, based on data from your student administrative system. It also creates and maintains group rooms, which teachers and students can use for teaching purposes.

The rooms are automatically get to use the language you require and can be categorized according to your needs, making them easier to find. Rooms that are no longer in use are deleted automatically.

Configuration in UMS

The integration makes it possible to upload pictures of the users to Moodle, making it easy for teachers and students to see whom they are interacting with. If these pictures are replaced in UMS, they are automatically updated in Moodle.

Last, but not least, the module can integrate with the AD. This allows users to log into Moodle with the same password they use to access the school’s IT-system.

The Moodle integration gives you an easy overview and ensures that the users’ data is always managed correctly, without requiring any manual updates. This frees up time for the IT-department, who can focus on other tasks instead.

Get Web Timetable in Moodle

If you want to make it easy for students and teachers to keep track of their timetables, you can embed our Web Timetable module in Moodle as an iframe. By doing this, users can access homework and notes that are registered on the various timetable blocks in the timetable.

Please note: To embed Web Time Table, the Web Timetable and SSO modules are required. In order to see homework, the Homework module is required.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about this module and how we can help you, please contact us or one of our resellers. You will find all contact information on the Contact page.

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