Project Description


Photobox makes it easy and cheap to take photos of all your school’s students. The picture is taken with a webcam, e.g. by the school’s administrative staff. This way you avoid having to buy an expensive photobooth, which takes up a lot of space.

How to take photos with Photobox:

  • You search for the student in the UMS interface
  • A staff member takes a photo of the student with a webcam and makes sure it meets the school’s guidelines.
  • The picture is uploaded directly to the student’s user profile in UMS and it is approved immediately.

With Photobox, taking photos of the students takes very little time. Because the photos are taken by staff members, you can make sure they meet your requirements, when they are taken.

This saves you time having to go through and approve or reject photos manually. Additionally, you also avoid wasting time waiting for a student to retake their photo, if the first photo was rejected.

Benefits of Photobox

  • You make sure the pictures meet the school’s guidelines when they are taken.
  • You avoid having to buy an expensive photobooth
  • You avoid administration related to approving or rejecting photos taken by students themselves
  • You free up resources, which can be used on other tasks
  • The students’ photos are uploaded directly to their user profiles.

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