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Attendance Registration

Attendance Registration is a tool for the educational sector that makes it easy to register attendance. Through a simple and intuitive interface, the teacher can register who is present, who is late, and who is absent. Registering attendance can be done in a matter of seconds, simply by clicking the button with the student’s name and picture.

The interface uses colour codes, which makes it easy to see what the individual students are registered as. You decide which attendance options you want to use – i.e. options for being late, for legal absence, and illegal absence – as well as which colours are used for the different options.

When attendance is registered, UMS automatically writes back to the administrative system – if supported.

The interface also supports the possibility to see if the student has sent a text message to the school or if the staff has written notes regarding the student’s attendance.

Save time every time you register attendance

Attendance can be registered through UMS Web. If your school has purchased UMS School App, you can also register attendance through the school’s app. Registering attendance through UMS Web or UMS School App is much faster than the traditional way with pen and paper. When registering on paper you also have to manually enter the attendance into the system afterwards.

It only takes a few seconds to find your phone and open the app, making it the easiest and quickest way to register attendance. It is even faster than using a computer that has to be turned on first.

It is simple and easy and it pays off to be conscious of time resources. If each teacher at the school can save a few minutes every time they register attendance, it quickly adds up to many hours during a school year.

Get more out of your Attendance Registration

If you want to benefit even more from your Attendance Registration module, we offer three add-on modules:

  • Attendance Registration Advanced gives you e.g. the opportunity to send out text messages that invites the students back to the classroom when they have been registered as absent. The module gives you access to a statistical interface, which makes it easy to monitor the students’ attendance. You also gain access to our Guardian Portal where parents, guardians, employers etc. can keep up to date with a student’s progress in school.
  • Attendance Registration Card System is an integration to a card system. The system allows students to register their own attendance by swiping a card when they arrive at the school and when they leave again. When the card system is integrated with Attendance Registration Basic, all registrations will be available in UMS Web. This allows the teacher to see if everyone has registered correctly and to make corrections if necessary.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about this module and how we can help you, please contact us or one of our resellers. You will find all contact information on the Contact page.

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