Project Description

SMS Password

SMS Password makes it possible for the school’s users to reset their own passwords, simply by sending an SMS text. The service is available around the clock, even during weekends and holidays.

How to use SMS Password:

  • Send an SMS to the school’s SMS gateway with the word ‘Password’.
  • Wait a few seconds and you will receive an SMS with your new password.

Benefits of SMS Password

SMS Password is a good investment:

  • You help your students and enable them to get back to their studies quickly. As a result, your student’s satisfaction with the school’s digital services will increase significantly
  • You save resources, as the IT department does not have to get involved every time a student forgets his or her password.
  • SMS Password is always available, regardless of time and place
  • The IT department can configure, how the password it reset, e.g. with a serial number or at random

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