Project Description

Student ID

The Student ID function gives all the school’s students an electronic student ID on their smartphone. With the student ID, the school can take advantage of the fact that the phone is most students’ preferred media of communication and that they therefore always keep it within reach.

The Student ID has a validation button, which updates the student’s ID information. This immediately confirms that the user is still a student at your school and removes the risk of fake IDs.

Benefits of Student ID

There are many benefits of having Student ID in UMS School App:

• The Student ID is automatically validated through the app

• The school saves resources as it is no longer necessary to print physical Student IDs

• Students can always prove that they attend your school and thereby get into student parties, get student discounts etc.

• If students loose their phone, they can easily get the Student ID back by downloading the app on a new phone.

• If a student leaves your school, his or her access to the app and thereby also the Student ID will be denied.

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