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Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is a popular Cloud Storage Service, which is free for the school to use. With Google Drive you can store and work with files in the cloud, making them accessible wherever you are.

But what happens when an entire school or an IT hosting centre moves to the cloud? The IT department gets a wide range of new administrative tasks, which require attention and need to be prioritized.

Before you can start using Google Drive, users, groups, subjects etc. need to be set up and structured. After that, there is the on-going maintenance.

Google Drive integration quickly pays for itself

With UMS, the school saves resources by automating many manual processes:

  • Drives, shared drives, class drives etc. are created and maintained automatically
  • The folder structure is created and maintained automatically. Folders are organised by groups and subjects.
  • There are dedicated assignment folders, which makes it easy to hand in assignments
  • Users are granted access and permissions to the relevant groups and subjects
  • The automated processes reduce the IT department’s workflow

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