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User Info

User Info lets users update their own contact information, e.g. if they change their phone number or e-mail address. Similarly, the module lets students choose if they want to receive e-mails from the school on their private e-mail address or their school e-mail.

Via User Info, users can also upload a photo of themselves to the school’s system. This is a faster, easier and cheaper way to get pictures of all students, compared to having administrative staff take the pictures.

Pictures can be taken directly in the module via webcam on a computer or via the camera on a smartphone, if the school has its own UMS School App (add-on). Once uploaded, the school’s administrative staff will have to approve the picture, in order to ensure that it meets the school’s guidelines.

Last, but not least, students can specify how their image can be used and see which classes they are enrolled in

The module shows data from the school’s student administration system. It is possible to add more data, depending on the system and the modules your school has bought.

Get more benefit from User Info

Via User Info, your students can get a digital parking permit for your parking lot, if you buy the add-on module Parking.
With Parking, users simply enter their licence plate numbers, making it visible to the parking company Parkzone.

This enables Parkzone to see that the user is allowed to park at the school, resulting in fewer parking tickets to staff and students, as well as fewer administrative tasks for the school’s staff.

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