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User Lock

With User Lock, the school’s staff can deactivate a user’s account and thereby block the user’s access to the school’s IT system, without needing assistance from the IT department.

It only takes a moment to deactivate an account, making it possible to intervene immediately, e.g. is a student is caught cheating or if someone violates the school’s rules.

A user account can also be deactivated if the user has outstanding debt to the school, e.g. if the user has a negative balance on his or her print. As soon as the money is paid, the school’s staff can reactivate the account.

When you deactivate an account, you can write the reason why and e.g. how long you expect the block to last. As soon as the block is registered, the comment about its cause will appear in the user’s history. Having the history gives a good overview and makes it possible to intervene if a user violates the school’s rules repeatedly.

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